With the ACR 2020 Convergence behind us, our speakers reflected back on all the studies presented and highlight key studies they think can significantly change clinical practice. Click the video below to watch a preview of our speakers, as they review topics covered in their Game Changer videos. To access the full videos, log-in to the Member Portal.

Daily Conference Debriefs

The ACR 2020 Convergence has come to an end, and with that so has our daily coverage of the conference. Watch today’s preview all the way from sub-zero Calgary with Drs. Benseler and Wiber, as they discuss the topics our panelists covered in our last daily debrief of the program. To access the full videos, log-in to the Member Portal.

As the weekend winds down, so does Day 3 of the ACR 2020 Convergence virtual conference. In today’s preview, Drs. Pope and Teo discuss the topics our panelists covered on Day 3 of our daily debriefs. To access the full videos, log-in to the Member Portal.

The ACR 2020 Convergence virtual conference is in full swing with Day 2 wrapping up. Watch the preview below of Drs. Wiber and Allard-Chamard as they highlight some of the topics discussed during today’s daily debriefs. Log-in to access the full members-only videos.

Day 1 of the ACR 2020 virtual conference provided healthcare professionals with a plethora of new data on rheumatic conditions. Watch the preview below of Dr. Janet Pope as she highlights some of the topics our speakers discuss at today’s daily debriefs. Access to full videos are for members only.

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NEW Twitter Take-over

Three of our panelists, Drs. Allard-Chamard, Teo and Wiber, will take turns taking over CRA’s Twitter account to live-tweet their experience at ACR 2020

NEW Live Debate

Following ACR 2020, the CRA will host a live debate, discussing hot topics from the virtual conference

Daily Debrief Videos

Our featured panel will review and discuss key studies presented earlier in the day.

Game Changers

The panel will discuss game-changing data, highlighting studies they think can significantly impact clinical practice in Canada

NEW Jeopardy!

We want to involve you in our initiative, so the CRA will be hosting a Jeopardy-style game allowing members to test their knowledge on the data presented at the conference and during the daily debrief sessions. Prizes will be given to the top scores, so make sure you play!

Meet our Speakers!

Check out out five experts in the field who will provide key highlights of studies from the conference and their applicability to Canadian clinical practice.

Dr. Hugues Allard-Chamard

Dr. Hugues Allard-Chamard

Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Medicine, Université de Sherbrooke

Dr. Susanne Benseler

Dr. Susanne Benseler

Pediatric Rheumatologist, Alberta Children’s Hospital

Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary


Dr. Janet Pope

Dr. Janet Pope

Division Head of Rheumatology, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, London

Professor, Division of Rheumatology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Western University


Dr. Michelle Teo

Dr. Michelle Teo

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia


Dr. Stuart Wiber

Dr. Stuart Wiber

Clinical Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, University of Calgary

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