Distinguished Rheumatologist Award

This competition is closed.

Recognition of a Distinguished Rheumatologist who has made an outstanding contribution to rheumatology in Canada. The nominator and seconder must be CRA members in good standing (when nominating). The award nominee must be a CRA member in good standing (when nominated and awarded). The award nominee must be an accomplished Canadian Rheumatologist of high professional calibre, who has significantly furthered rheumatology in Canada in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Patient Care and Service: to the benefit of patients with rheumatic disorders.
  2. Professional Activities:  extraordinary services to Canadian rheumatology and/or the Canadian Rheumatology Association. Could also include significant interface with international rheumatology organizations and scholarly achievement.

Scoring criteria (all criteria are scored out of 10):

  1. Patient care and service
  2. Professional Activities
  3. Overall contribution

Scores are not to be mathematically combined or averaged. A high score on one criterion is sufficient to win award.

The award consists of a $5,000.00 cheque and a framed certificate.