FLIRT Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Future Leaders in RheumaTology Program, the 2020-2022 application system is now closed.  All FLIRT applicants will be notified on the status of their application by September 2020. 

 Save the Date:  Fall FLIRT meeting date is scheduled for Friday, October 30, 2020 in a virtual format.

Future Leaders in RheumaTology (FLIRT) is a mentorship program designed for rheumatologists at an early career stage who are likely to become leaders in research and/or education and/or advocacy in Canada.

Program Overview

This program seeks to identify and promote leadership in rheumatologists early in their career (within 5 years post fellowship in rheumatology or paediatric rheumatology).  It is comprised of a variety of initiatives identified via a needs assessment conducted with participants, and a collaboration with Canadian mentors and expert advisors.  It is designed for future leaders in academic and community practice.

Program Objectives

  • Provide aspiring young Canadian rheumatologists with the opportunity to participate in a needs-based, high-quality, innovative, multi-faceted 2-year program
  • Build personal and professional contacts with thought leaders and peers
  • Develop insights into career building, publications, promotion and advocacy

Program Guidelines

Program Sponsor

The 2020-2022 Future Leaders in RheumaTology Program is supported by Pfizer Canada.  The Canadian Rheumatology Association would like to recognize and thank this sponsor for their generous support.

Past Program Participants

Dr. Hugues Allard-Chamard
Dr. Noura Al Osaimi
Dr. Neda Amiri
Dr. Corisande  Baldwin
Dr. Julie Couture
Dr. Natasha Dehghan
Dr. Maeve Gamble
Dr. Stephanie Garner
Dr. Karim Ladak
Dr. Jason Lee
Dr. Jennifer Ji Young  Lee
Dr. June Lee
Dr. Lillian Lim
Dr. Norman Madsen
Dr. Liam  O’Neil
Dr. Matthew Piche
Dr. Ceri  Richards
Dr. Janet Roberts
Dr. Thanu Ruban
Dr. Alexandra  Saltman
Dr. Stephanie Tom

Dr. Tom Appleton
Dr. Pari Basharat
Dr. Roberta Berard
Dr. Tristan Boyd
Dr. Jonathan Chan
Dr. Mercedes Chan
Dr. Alison Clifford
Dr. Lihi Eder
Dr. Michelle Jung
Dr. Natasha Gakhal
Dr. Kimberly Legault
Dr. Lily Lim
Dr. Zeineb Mahjoub
Dr. Alexa Smith
Dr. Evelyn Rozenblyum
Dr. Dax Gerard Rumsey
Dr. Annaliese Tisseverasinghe
Dr. Marinka Twilt

Dr. Pooneh Akhavan
Dr. Daniela Ardelean
Dr. Claire Barber
Dr. Lillian Barra
Dr. Shirley Chow
Dr. Ines Colmegna
Dr. Glen Hazlewood
Dr. Linda Hiraki
Dr. Tabitha Kung
Dr. Alison Kydd
Dr. Nadia Luca
Dr. Dharini Mahendira
Dr. Laëtitia Michou
Dr. Kimberly Morishita
Dr. Marie-Paule Morin
Dr. Natalie Shiff
Dr. Amanda Steiman
Dr. Zahi Touma

Dr. Zareen Ahmad
Dr. Juan Antoine Avina-Zubieta
Dr. Susanne Benseler
Dr. Josiane Bourre-Tessier
Dr. Vinod Chandran
Dr. Sindhu Johnson
Dr. Raheem Kherani
Dr. Bindee Kuriya
Dr. Maggie Larche
Dr. Deborah Levy
Dr. Shikha Mittoo
Dr. Gina Rohekar
Dr. Sherry Rohekar
Dr. Irene Vasiliu