2014 Grant Awards

The posters and papers listed below each grant arise from work facilitated through the grant funding.

INflammatory arthritis patients’ perspectives, priorities, and opinions on interventions FOR MEDication adherence (INFORMED) 

Principal Investigator:  De Vera, M (PDF)
Co-investigators: Marra, C; Avina-Zubieta, J; Townsend, A; Rai, S

Project Summary

Research on tools to help patients take their medications as prescribed has produced inconsistent and disappointing results. We hypothesize that the major reason for this is the lack of patient input. Therefore, we will conduct a focus group study to understand patient’s views and experiences surrounding medication taking and what specifically helps them take their medications as prescribed to inform the development of future tools to support patients taking their medications as prescribed.

Poster Presentations

Presented at the 2015 Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting.

Presented at the 2015 American College of Rheumatology meeting.

Presented at the 2016 Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting.