2016 Grant Awards

The posters and papers listed below each grant arise from work facilitated through the grant funding.

Understanding the Barriers to Self-Management Support for Underserved Populations Living with Arthritis and Co-morbidities and Developing Patient-derived Tools for Healthcare Policy and Practice

Principal Investigators: Lacaille, D.
Co-investigators:  Perez Flores, G; Koehn. S; Clark. N; Davis, C; Fong. M; Koehn, C; Louie, A.

Project Summary

The integrated KT model used in our study has enabled a wide range of different health care professionals and policy makers to actively engage as team members who collaborate on the design and implementation of the study. This process of discussing and debating research issues related to persons with arthritis and other longterm care conditions has, and is influencing understanding of the enormous barriers faced by these populations. It is hoped that these new perceptions are being shared within each of the respective communities of our team members to work towards change in key practice and policy domains.

We will be able to more fully access impact and outcomes of the study upon completion of Phase 2 of the Concept Mapping process and development and dissemination of educational and policy tools.

Poster Presentations

Presented at the 2017 Putting Patients First: Partnerships for Better Health Research

Presented at the 2018 Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting.