2016 Grant Awards

The posters and papers listed below each grant arise from work facilitated through the grant funding.

Needs and Barriers to Pregnancy Counseling in Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Principal Investigator: Vinet, E.
Co-investigators: Bernatsky, S; Da Costa, D; Proulx, L; Colmegna, I; Barnabe, C; Elliott, S; Dayan, N; Neville, A; Bergeron, L.

Project Summary

Preliminary analysis of emerging themes has provided us with a base to begin brainstorming strategies to better tailor the counselling of RA and SLE women to their unique reproductive needs and ultimately improve their care. The participants have been very forthcoming with their own suggestions, and we hope to incorporate their ideas into our strategic approach to ensure feasibility and acceptability. As an example, participants have expressed feelings of relief and camaraderie from being a participant in our sessions, indicating a potential need for more activities that bring patients together, such as prenatal classes specifically designed for women with RA and SLE.

Poster Presentations

Presented at the 2019 Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting.