2022 Grant Awards

In 2022 CIORA funded 4 two-year grants and 1 one-year grant for a total of $485,626. Read press release

Title Principal Investigator Award
Personalized therapy in lupus pregnancies Vinet, E. $114,000
Assessing the timeliness of referrals in rheumatology for chronic inflammatory arthritis from a centralized referral system Beausejour, M.
Boire, G.
Feldman, D.
Digital FDG PET/CT versus temporal artery biopsy and ultrasound for first-line diagnostic imaging of giant cell arteritis Abikhzer, G. $109,326
Development and pilot of a shared-care model for rheumatoid arthritis leveraging an “on-demand” follow-up strategy Barber, C. $109,796
Reducing Urgent Care Wait Times in Community Rheumatology: A Quality Improvement Project Gottheil, S. $41,430