About the CRA

The Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) is the national professional association for Canadian rheumatologists.


In 1936, when Canada was emerging from the depression and war clouds were gathering in Europe an organization named the Canadian Rheumatic Disease Association (CRDA) was founded. Read more…


The mission of the Canadian Rheumatology Association is to represent Canadian rheumatologists and promote the pursuit of excellence in arthritis and rheumatic disease care, education and research.

Today, the CRA comprises over 500 members throughout all 10 provinces and territories as well as some international members.

Since its inception, the CRA has promoted and advanced the field of rheumatology by organizing networking, training and education opportunities for clinicians, students, allied health professionals and researchers.  More recently the CRA has become involved in the promotion and coordination of funding for important rheumatology research (CIORA).

The CRA carries out its mission through a multifaceted network of activities and investments. A cornerstone activity of the CRA is the annual scientific meeting, whose purpose is to showcase the various clinical and research endeavours of CRA members and other arthritis health professionals. The meeting also serves to foster professional collaboration and an exchange of ideas in the rheumatology community.

As a nationally and internationally respected organization, the CRA continues to serve as a national voice for practicing rheumatologists and researchers with an interest in rheumatic diseases.

Strategic Priorities

The CRA exists so that Canadian rheumatologists achieve excellence in clinical care, education and research.

Optimal Care

Members are supported in their efforts to provide optimal care.

Workforce Planning & Management

Members are aware of rheumatology workforce issues related to practice management, career development, employment opportunities and training new rheumatologists.


Members are provided with opportunities to feel connected.


Members are supported in their research.

Stakeholder Relations

External organizations are engaged to enhance the CRA’s reputation, build relationships with stakeholders and promote optimal care

Organizational Viability

Long-term viability and success of the association is ensured through good governance practices and appropriate risk mitigation


CRA Office Address and Contact Information

Canadian Rheumatology Association
280-13300 Tecumseh Road E.
Suite 386
Tecumseh, Ontario
N8N 4R8

t: 905-952-0698
e: info@rheum.ca

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