2012 Grant Awards

In 2012 CIORA funded 5 one-year grants and 3 two-year grants for a total of just over $715,000.

Pillar Title Principal Investigator Award
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Does early, aggressive, and persistent use of DMARD therapy reduce downstream healthcare care costs attributable to RA: an instrumental variable approach using observational administrative data Bansback, N. $72,944
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Identifying and Addressing Real and Perceived Barriers to Therapeutic Education Programs to Inform New Models of Care Thorne, C.
Bain,  L. Beattie, K.
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Increasing access to inflammatory arthritis education in rural communities in Ontario using telemedicine Kennedy, C. Shupak, R. $68,827
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Inflammatory Arthritis and Psoriasis – Developing a Co-management Strategy Chandran, V. $120,000
Awareness/Advocacy/Education ‘Training the Rheumatologists of Tomorrow: A Qualitative Case Study’ Cividino, A. $75,000
Early Access for Inflammatory Arthritis Patients Optimizing the Coordination of Care between Rheumatologists and Primary Care Physicians for patients with Inflammatory Arthritis Bombardier, C.
Tu, K
Early Access for Inflammatory Arthritis Patients Disease Trajectory in First Nations with Rheumatoid Arthritis:  Impact of Delayed and Disrupted Treatment on Outcomes Peschken, C. $74,158
Early Access for Inflammatory Arthritis Patients The Early Arthritis Screening & Treatment (EAST) program for Eastern Quebec Fortin, P. $120,000