The CRA presents a number of awards to recognize excellence in the field of rheumatology.

  1. Identify a CRA member to nominate.
  2. Choose a CRA member to support your nomination as a seconder.
  3. Write a Letter of Support. Seconder should be a signatory to the letter.
  4. Ask your nominee (or their admin staff) for a copy of their CV.
  5. Complete the nomination survey with the following information: Nominee’s name and email, letter of support and the nominee’s CV.
  6. Instructions are included in the survey on how to click ‘save and continue later’ and provide your seconder’s email so that the survey can be sent to them for their signature.
  7. Once your seconder has added their signature to the nomination survey, they click ‘submit,’ and the nomination is complete!

Award Recipients

CRA Awards of Distinction

A letter of intent (LOI) can be submitted anytime by clicking the “Submit Award of Distinction LOI” button and providing the nominee’s and award’s names. A reminder email will be sent once the competition is open to remind anyone who submitted an LOI to submit a nomination form.


Nomination form is available on the award pages.

CRA Master Awards

This competition is closed.

Nomination form is available on award page.

Practice Reflection Award

This competition is closed.

Application form is available on award page.

Abstract Awards

The abstract submission system is closed. Acceptance notifications will be sent out on November 27, 2023. Read more…

The first author must apply for the award during the abstract submission process.  Applicants that do not apply will not be considered for an award. The top 5 abstracts for each award are adjudicated at the Annual Scientific Meeting and awards are presented during the Gala Dinner. Award winners will be notified via email on Friday afternoon. Case reports will not be considered for awards.