Choosing Wisely Canada

Choosing Wisely Canada ( is the national voice for reducing unnecessary tests and treatments in health care. The Canadian Rheumatology Association is dedicated to providing the highest quality of evidence-based care in diagnosing, treating and managing rheumatic diseases. As such, the CRA has two subcommittees dedicated to developing Choosing Wisely recommendations: the Choosing Wisely Adult Rheumatology subcommittee, which operates under the CRA Quality Care Committee; and the Choosing Wisely Pediatric Rheumatology subcommittee, which operates under the CRA Pediatrics Committee.

Choosing Wisely Adult Recommendations

The CRA Choosing Wisely Adult subcommittee has joined with Choosing Wisely Canada and other Canadian medical societies to identify 9 practices, therapies or procedures that they see are overused and not adding value, and where there is literature to support its disuse.  This is not a prescriptive list, but rather is meant to empower providers and patients to make wise choices in an effort to curb unnecessary testing and waste.

This list was originally published as 5 recommendations in 2015, and two more recommendations were added in 2019 and 2021 respectively. The most recent 2 recommendations were added in September 2022.

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New! Choosing Wisely Pediatric Recommendations

The Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) Pediatrics Committee established its Choosing Wisely Canada Top 7 recommendations in a multistage process combining consensus methodology and literature review.

A Choosing Wisely working group was formed including pediatric rheumatologists from across the country from diverse clinical settings, an allied health professional, a parent and a patient. This group generated candidate recommendations using a series of Delphi surveys. The list was reviewed by all pediatric committee members and patient partners and has been approved by the CRA Board of Directors.

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CWC goes mobile

Choosing Wisely Canada has a mobile app, available on Android and Apple platforms. The mobile app provides access to the most up-to-date physician recommendations and patient materials in both text and PDF formats.  All the physician recommendations and patient-friendly materials are organized by specialty and easily searchable by keyword (i.e., conditions, diagnostic tests, procedures, and treatments. Visit the Google Play store to download the app today.