2016 Grant Awards

In 2016 CIORA funded 3 one-year grants and 5 two-year grants for a total of just over $650,000.

Pillar Title Principal Investigator Award
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Incorporating Patients’ Preferences into Canadian Rheumatology Association¬†Treatment Recommendations for Rheumatoid Arthritis Hazlewood,G. ¬†$46,970
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Needs and barriers to pregnancy counseling in women with rheumatoid arthritis Vinet, E. $68,600
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Hip fracture In patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: incidence, complications and health services used (HIRA Study) Jones, A.
Lacaille, D.
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Strategies to enhance Influenza/Pneumococcal vaccination coverage among rheumatoid arthritis patients Colmegna, I.
Lavoie, K.
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Understanding the Barriers to Self-Management Support for Underserved Populations Living with Arthritis and Co-morbidities and Developing Patient-derived Tools for Healthcare Policy and Practice Lacaille, D. $116,858
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Quality of referrals to pediatric rheumatology in Northern Alberta and its effects on access to care. Chan, M.  $12,769
Early Access for Rheumatic Disease Patients Measuring geographic variation in access to care for rheumatoid arthritis patients and related outcomes: A patient-centered approach Marshall, D.
Barber, C.
Early Access for Rheumatic Disease Patients Assessing the Provision, Patterns, and Costs of Waiting for Rheumatology Care: A step towards Optimizing the Care of Rheumatic Diseases Kuriya, B.
Bernatsky, S.
Widdifield, J.