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AAC Research Awards Applications

The AAC Research Awards program will nationally recognize high quality research in AAC priority areas identified above. This recognition will: (1) formally acknowledge the outstanding contributions of patient partners and scientists; (2) help researchers in competing for and participating in national grants and programs in arthritis research; and (3) provide opportunities to highlight arthritis research via media releases.  The AAC will provide up to eight awards, one award per category valued at $750 CAD/award.  Read More... Research Awards Program Application Deadlines: Applications Due: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 Applications Review Process:  August-September 2018 Announcement of Award Recipients: AAC 2018 Annual Meeting, Wednesday, November 21st (Toronto, ON) Submit Application

New Senior Scientist

The Board of Directors recently appointed Paul Fortin a Senior Scientist of Arthrite-recherche Canada/Arthritis Research Canada.  To be given this title the scientist must have demonstrated exceptional merit and originality in research, great success at competitive national peer-review competitions, and to have contributed to the public and academic success of Arthrite-recherche Canada/Arthritis Research Canada. Dr. Fortin leads Arthrite-recherche Canada at Laval University.  He recently presented to the Board on his research around MyLupusGuide.  They were very impressed by his novel web-based approach to patient-centred care.  They could see the potential impact for people across Canada and beyond. Congratulations on this prestigious appointment.  It recognizes a research career that has materially improved the lives of people with systemic lupus erythematosus.