Education Committee

Provide member education through a variety of CRA programs and initiatives.

Dr. Raheem Kherani, Chair
Dr. Lori Albert
Dr. Neda Amiri
Dr. Mary Bell
Dr. Mercedes Chan
Dr. Gregory Choy
Dr. Marie Clements-Baker
Dr. Ann Marie Colwill
Dr. Robert Ferrari
Dr. Elizabeth Hazel
Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto
Dr. Shahin Jamal
Dr. Nicole Johnson
Dr. Michelle Jung
Dr. Tabitha Kung
Dr. Jennifer Lee
Dr. Dharini Mahendira
Dr. Heather McDonald-Blumer
Dr. Marie-Paule Morin
Dr. Elana Murphy
Dr. Anna Oswald
Dr. Janet Pope
Dr. Rhonda Shuckett
Dr. Alexa Smith
Dr. Trudy Taylor
Dr. Shirley Tse
Dr. Zachary Wolfmueller
Dr. Wendy Wong
Dr. Elaine Yacyshyn
Dr. Stephanie Yang

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