Guidelines Committee

Prioritize, fund and support the development of evidence-based guidelines for various rheumatic diseases, and disseminate them to the membership and medical community at large.

Dr. Glen Hazlewood, Chair
Dr. Pooneh Akhavan
Dr.  Corisande Baldwin
Dr.  Claire Barber
Dr. Lillian Barra
Dr.  Kenneth Blocka
Dr.  Claire Bombardier
Dr.  Jonathan Chan
Dr. Gaëlle Chédeville
Dr.  Stephanie Ensworth
Dr.  Robert Ferrari
Dr.  Mary-Ann Fitzcharles
Dr. Shahin Jamal
Dr. Konstantin Jilkine
Dr.  Stephanie Keeling
Dr.  Patrick Liang
Dr. Reza Mirza
Mr. Jordi Pardo
Dr.  Janet Pope
Dr.  Sherry Rohekar
Dr.  Peter Tugwell

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