2009 Grant Awards

In 2009 CIORA funded 7 projects totalling $350,000.

Pillar Title Principal Investigator Award
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Barriers to Paediatric Rheumatology Subspecialty Care in British Columbia Shiff, N  $48,600
Awareness/Advocacy/Education Determinants of involvement in active physical and other leisure activities in children and youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis? Feldman, D Cavallo, S  $60,000
Early Access for Inflammatory Arthritis Patients Early Detection of Axial Spondyloarthritis: An interdisciplinary approach Passalent, L Hawke, C  $51,171
Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams Facilitating Patient Utilization of Multidisciplinary Care in Inflammatory Arthritis Pope, J  $17,946
Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams Falling through the cracks; using a multidisciplinary strategy to improve DMARD use in rheumatoid arthritis Marra, C  $57,341
Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams System Level Evaluation of the ACPAC Program Graduates: Determining Collaborative Practice Behaviour Following the Introduction of an APP in Arthritis Care Across Diverse Clinical Settings in Ontario Lundon, K  $49,898
Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams The Launch of the Interprofessional TAP Training Program Bain, L  $59,800