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Please consider the membership dues levels, rules and restrictions prior to commencing the application process to ensure your eligibility.

Please note: if you are currently employed by the pharmaceutical industry (other than as a contract Research Investigator) as a major part of your professional activity, then you are not eligible to join the CRA.

Membership, Dues Levels, Rules, Inclusions & Restriction

The CRA has 3 membership dues levels.  Criteria can be found for each category below. Please note membership is by calendar year.

1. Regular

A Regular dues member shall be limited to persons that have graduated from university and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • A member in good standing of a College of Physicians and Surgeons of a province or territory of Canada and actively engaged in the practice of medicine; or
  • A person whose practice and achievements demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Board, a competence and professional interest in rheumatic diseases; or
  • A member in good standing of the faculty of a recognized medical school in Canada.

If a person is actively employed, the person must have a professional income which is comprised of at least fifty percent (50%) from clinical care or university salary.

Membership Fee Information:

  • $500 (plus applicable taxes) early bird rate if application submitted by January 31st.
  • $650 (plus applicable taxes) membership fee if application submitted after January 31st.
  • The CRA offers a 50% reduction in fees annually for those on maternity/paternity, sick leave (for the majority of the year i.e., over 6 months) and in their first year of practice.
  • There will be no late or penalty fee to rejoin for those on maternity/paternity or sick leave. This fee reduction may be applied for at the time of membership renewal. The member’s subscription to Journal of Rheumatology will be continued.
  • The preferred method of payment for CRA membership dues is by online credit card payment.
  • The CRA accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and will process payment by cheque.
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2. Emeritus: No membership dues

An Emeritus member was a prior Regular Member but has retired from active practice and no longer has a medical license.

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3. Trainee: No membership dues

Trainee member is a medical doctor who is enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate program in rheumatology (PGY4/PGY5) at an approved institution in Canada. Trainee members must reapply annually and can be awarded a CRA membership for a maximum of two years.

An extension may be granted to those who enroll in further full-time education/training up to a maximum of 2 years (e.g. PGY6/PGY7). Proof of program enrollment will be required each year.

All new applicants must upload a current CV.

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