Leadership & Committees

Board of Directors

The CRA nominations committee is chaired by the Past President and is made up of past presidents, and other members at large (in good standing) who volunteer.  The CRA puts out a call for volunteers (for board and all committees) yearly. The nominations’ committee chair approaches those people who volunteer for the board to gauge interest, commitment and skills.  The names are presented to the nomination committee to review and then the shortlist is nominated and elected at the AGM.


The CRA nominations’ committee approaches members of the board of directors to gauge their interest in becoming an officer (Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President and possibly eventually President) and nominate them to the board for voting after the Annual General Meeting.

Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia

Dr. Evelyn Sutton

Dr. Joanne Homik

Dr. John Wade

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Ahmad Zbib

Board of Directors

Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia
Dr. Louis Bessette
Dr. Joanne Homik
Dr. Ron Laxer
Dr. Deborah Levy
Dr. Evelyn Sutton
Dr. Michelle Teo
Dr. Stephanie Tom
Dr. John Wade

Board Committees

Chair, Board Education
Dr. Deborah Levy
Board Education Committee
Chair, Finance and Risk Management
Dr. John Wade
Finance and Risk Management Committee
Chair, Industry Council
Dr. Evelyn Sutton
Industry Council Committee
Chair, Membership Engagement
Membership Engagement Committee
Chair, Nominations & Awards
Dr. Joanne Homik
Nominations & Awards Committee

Operational Committees

Chair, Annual Scientific Meeting Program
Dr. Tom Appleton

  • Chair, Abstract Review
    Dr. Vinod Chandran
Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee
Chair, Communications
Dr. Dax Rumsey
Communications Committee
Chair, Education
Dr. Raheem Kherani

  • Chairs, CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
    Drs. Gregory Choy and Christopher Penney
  • Chairs, Postgraduate
    Drs. Marie Clements-Baker and Michelle Jung
  • Chairs, Undergraduate
    Drs. Lori Albert and Robert Ferrari
  • Chairs, CanREAL (Canadian Rheumatology Education and Learning)
    Drs. Susan Humphrey-Murto and Mercedes Chan

Program Committee Chairs

  • Chair, FLIRT (Future Leaders in Rheumatology Training)
    Dr. Janet Pope
  • Chairs, NRRW (National Rheumatology Residents Weekend)
    Drs. Elizabeth Hazel and Dharini Mahendira
  • Chairs, Residents’ Pre-Course
    Drs. Jason Kur and Dharini Mahendira
Education Committee
Chair, Guidelines
Dr. Glen Hazlewood
Guidelines Committee
Chair, Human Resources
Drs. Claire Barber and Jessica Widdifield
Human Resources Committee
Chair, Paediatrics
Dr. Ronald Laxer

  • Chairs, Advocacy
  • Chair, Education
    Drs. Mercedes Chan and Evelyn Rozenblyum
  • Chair, Human Resources
    Dr. Michelle Batthish
  • Chair, Community Paediatrics
    Dr. Tommy Gerschman
Paediatrics Committee
Chair, Therapeutics
Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles
Therapeutics Committee
Chair, Research
Dr. Janet Pope

  • Chair, CIORA Grant Review
    Dr. Marie Hudson
Research Committee
Chair, Quality Care
Dr. Cheryl Barnabe

  • Chair, Choosing Wisely
    Dr. Shirley Lake
  • Chair, Equity
    Dr. Cheryl Barnabe
  • Chair, Access
    Dr. Amanda Steiman
  • Chair, Quality
    Dr. Claire Barber
Quality Care Committee
Chair, Stakeholder Engagement
Dr. Carter Thorne
Stakeholder Engagement Committee


CRAJ Editor-in Chief
Dr. Philip Baer

Liaison, Journal of Rheumatology
Dr. Jamie Henderson

Liaison, The Arthritis Society (Medical Advisory Committee Chair)
Dr. Evelyn Sutton

Liaison, Arthritis Alliance of Canada
Dr. Vandana Ahluwahlia

President, Arthritis Health Professions Association (AHPA)
Ms. Sue MacQueen

The Journal of Rheumatology – Board of Directors

Dr. Jamie Henderson

Dr. Jacob Karsh

Dr. Carter Thorne

Directors at Large
Drs. Cory Baillie and Joanne Homik