Dr. Kiem G. Oen

2012 Distinguished Rheumatologist Award

During her 30 year career as a paediatric rheumatologist in Canada, Dr. Oen has demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to children afflicted with rheumatic diseases and is recognized as a meticulous and innovative researcher, and an exemplary teacher and mentor.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, Dr. Oen obtained her M.D. from The New York University School of Medicine.  She undertook her paediatric training at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and the University of Manitoba and then fellowship training in rheumatology and immunology at the Hospital for Sick Children, and Universities of Manitoba and Michigan.  She assumed her faculty position in paediatric rheumatology and immunology at the University of Manitoba in 1980 where, she has remained throughout her illustrious career.

For more than 30 years Dr. Oen has been the sole paediatric rheumatologist in Manitoba, providing the highest standards of patient care.  As one of Canada’s first paediatric rheumatologists, she was instrumental in establishing the solid foundation upon which Canadian paediatric rheumatology has developed.

Dr. Oen is a prominent leader in guiding and sustaining the momentum in collaborative paediatric rheumatology research in Canada. That she is so intimately involved in these projects is a reflection of her commitment to collaborative research and the appreciation of her invaluable contributions by the many colleagues who seek her wise counsel.

Dr. Oen has published important research that illustrates her creative thinking and her vision.  The excellence of her publications reflects her energy, scholarship, and dedication to improving the well-being of children.  Dominant themes of Dr. Oen’s research continue to be to characterize the epidemiology and immunogenetics of childhood rheumatic diseases, and define outcome predictors in juvenile arthritis. Dr. Oen has made landmark contributions to advancing knowledge of rheumatic diseases in Canada’s Indigenous paediatric populations.

Children with rheumatic diseases continue to be the ultimate beneficiaries of Dr. Oen’s dedication, leadership, vision and outstanding contributions.