Dr. Peter Lee

2013 Distinguished Rheumatologist Award

Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

Peter is honoured as this year’s Distinguished Rheumatologist because of the role he has played as a national and international leader in Canadian Rheumatology.  For most of his career he has been the Director of the Scleroderma Clinic, currently at Mount Sinai Hospital.  He was a former member of the Medical Advisory Board, Scleroderma Research Foundation (USA), and advisor to the Scleroderma Society of Ontario.  He is the author of 115 peer review publications.

Dr. Lee has played a prominent role in Canadian rheumatology.  He was the Chairman of the Rheumatology Examination Board for the Royal College, a member of the Health Advisory Committee of The Arthritis Society, and a member of the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee of the Ontario Ministry of Health.  Peter also has served on the Abstract Committee of the ACR, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Rheumatology, and was a former Chair of the Therapeutics Committee of the Canadian Rheumatology Association.

Peter has been an engaged member of international society.  He has served as a member of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, President of the Chinese Canadian Medical Society of Ontario, and President of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals.

Dr. Lee has previously been honoured as the Inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Rheumatologist Award of the Ontario Rheumatology Association in 2008, and the recipient of the Ontario Volunteer Service Award in 2012 from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.